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Scroll of Displacement

Basic Concept

Like a random Scroll of Teleportation, this device can be used both on yourself and an enemy, making it a strong tactical device - and the most sadistic disruption of the Celerity quest.

Being considerably cheaper than the Scroll of Teleportation makes it easier to stock up on. If all you need to be is 'somewhere else', it's a very good alternative to the SoTele. In fact, some people use it to aid themselves in Celerity quests - if one is on the far end of the city, with the destination pub at the other, then 'anywhere but here' is in most cases a lot closer to the destination than not (though of course hardly fool-proof).

Power Effects



1 000 coins @ Normal Shops
970 coins @ Normal Shops, Charisma(1)
929 coins @ Normal Shops, Charisma(2)
899 coins @ Normal Shops, Charisma(3)

700 coins @ Discount Shops
679 coins @ Discount Shops, Charisma(1)
651 coins @ Discount Shops, Charisma(2)
629 coins @ Discount Shops, Charisma(3)

500 coins refund @ Pawn Shops