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Second-Sight is the only power not available at a guild. So how do you get it? You give $5 or more to server costs of ravenblack.net by sending a donation to Raven Black. You don't need to say anything other than what your vampire name is - The minimum donation amount, $5, gets you Second-Sight, a levelled power at level 1, and, as added benefit, you are no longer plagued by the 120 page click limit, nor will you ever get deleted for inactivity.

Once you have Second-Sight, you can (1) enter a vampire name in the "More Commands" section (2) click on a vampire name in the city to find out what their current bloodpoints, powers, and their bloodline in both directions are. You cannot see their location (that is supplied only by Locate, never by Second-Sight alone), nor can you see how many coins they carry, nor what items they have on themselves. It costs half an action point to use and has no real purpose but to slow the server down.

What it does allow, on occasion, is mild advantages in clan wars. If you are wanting to harm a vampire with Neutrality, Second-Sighting them will show you their bloodline - and then you can 'hope' that they will be shattered and leave the game if you zero their lineage. But, no, really, it's quite pointless, and to that, quite frustrating - the amount of times you will accidentally click on a vampire name instead of "Move Here" amounts to 'too many'.

This is especially true since the introduction of Garlic Spray rendered Stamina far less intriguing for the enemies of a non-shadowed vampire, since scrolling is never more attractive than Garlic Spraying.


Cost: $5
- Refresh the page as often as you like, the server will no longer care.
- You get to help the Bloodpoints database (or anyone else) finding people who are lying about their BP and powers for half an action point.
- Your vampire is no longer deleted for inactivity (it will still be deleted if you cheat, though).
- If you get Locate, using Second-Sight will allow you to see a vampire's location without using an extra action point for the lookup.
- The city turns to a mess of links.