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1. When was the database last updated?

There's a seperate page for site updates if you're curious. Of course, if all you'd like to know is when the last person updated their stats on this site, then all you have to do is order the database by 'last edited' by clicking the column's header.

2. Help! I'm a bit lost in the game. Can you help me?

Take a look at the encyclopaedia, it should be able to answer many questions you might have about the game. If you can't find your answer there, hop over to RCPedia, cliffburton's excellent Ravenblack City wiki - though if all else fails, feel free to ask a moderator (see page footer). Even in case we don't know the answer immediately, we'll see to getting it to you as soon as possible, as well as expand the encyclopaedia accordingly.

3. The map doesn't contain shops and guilds! Where can I find info on that?

Your best source for guilds and shops would be cliffburton's A View In The Dark. Dread is playing with the idea of interfacing with the site somehow, but that can't (politely) be done without asking cliffburton for help, and being a notorious hermit means she's likely not going to do it. ;) Sorry.

4. My stats have changed since I last edited my details! What happened?

Sometimes the moderators will make small changes when they're going through the database, e.g. if they catch a typo in one of your relations, they might also go ahead and update your current bloodpoints. It's nothing to be alarmed about - you shouldn't take it as a sign that you're doing anything wrong. (If we thought you were abusing the system, you'd find yourself unable to log on.)

If you don't want us updating your stats for you, ever, just let us know. We can paws-off, no problem. :)

5. What do the colours in the listings denote?

Regarding the borders: You'll notice the date last updated has the same colour. The bloodpoints database highlights recent updates so you have a better idea of how current the information you see is.

Regarding the numbers: Take a look at the 'powers' column, that should explain it to you.

6. Why does my name not show up on the listings?

If enough people think you supplied wrong information, your row is taken off the listing. Don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't log in and change your stats anymore - it just means the stats are hidden from view. If you think this was in error, just contact a mod and let them know.

If you're frequent victim of malicious row-hiding, one of the moderators can excempt your row from the voting process.

7. What is a caretaker?

A caretaker of your account is someone who is allowed to edit your details. They can't change your password, delete your account or change your caretakers, but they can edit everything else.

8. What does it mean if a caretaker I just submitted shows up in reddish box?

When you [Edit] your data, each caretaker's name is checked against the bloodpoints database. Names that aren't registered with us at the moment show up in red - these people don't have an account that would given them access to yours if you give them caretaker status. If you really, really want them to be caretakers of your row, you'll have to get them to sign up to the bloodpoints database.

9. What does it mean if a clan I typed comes up as 'none found'?

Not much, really, just that you'll be the first to list it! It'll save, don't worry.

10. Why is my clan not linked to its data?

If your clan is not linked in the main database display, there are two possible reasons:

(1) There is no data beyond the clan name in the database. To remedy that, add the clan's details to the database.

(2) You spell the clanname differently than it is stored in the database.

11. I added a clan but it doesn't appear in your listing!

Staff approve all new clan entries, so it might be a while before the clan's details appear.

12. It's not letting me add a clan, though it's clearly missing.

Someone likely has submitted the clan to the database before you. Give it a day and see if it's approved by then. If the problem persists even though it hasn't appeared on the clan page after the waiting period, contact one of the mods.

13. How do I know what exactly it's sorting by?

Hover over the column header's link. A tooltip will pop up telling you what will be ordered by. Most commonly unintuitive ones: lineage = number of childer, clans = number of clans.

The current column that's being sorted by is highlighted for your convenience. (Exception: 'last edited' doesn't highlight.)

14. How do I add a clan?

On the clans page, beneath all clan names, is a link [+]. Click on that, or if you want a link from here, here's one for your convenience: Add a clan.

15. How many caretakers can I have?

As many as you like.

16. How many clans can I have?

The bloodpoints database puts no limit on them, though keep in mind many clans don't allow multi-clanning, so in practise, you probably will only ever use one or two slots.

17. The stats of this one vampire are preposterous! They don't match to their actual Second-Sight at all. What can I do about it?

You can help by clicking the little 'x' to the far right of the vampire's row.

Please only do this if the row is either trolling or glaringly out of date. Generally, if someone is reporting to have fewer powers and less blood than they have, don't mark them. Also, if you just zeroed someone, please don't come here and mark them as inaccurate a first opportunity - give them a chance to update. Give it a week. Very few people update on a daily basis.

We'll protect users we feel are being targetted by spam inaccuracy markings, which means that they can no longer be marked. Beware: For you, as a user, there is no way to tell who's protected and who isn't, since the message will claim your mark went through, regardless of protection.

18. A clan in your listing is out of date - it's no longer active. What can I do about that?

You can help by clicking the little 'x' beside the clan name in the detailed listing.

Note that clans that don't have details associated with them can't be culled. If you see one that is really dreadfully out of date and should be removed, regardless of lack of detail, contact one of the moderators.

19. I'm scared people might mark my clan as inactive out of spite. What can I do?

If you're listed as a leader and that's linked to your bloodpoints database account, just editing the clan (whether you actually change anything or not) will clear all inactivity reports. If that's too much work, just make sure one of the moderators knows that your clan is still active on a semi-regular basis - we can clear out these reports and do this frequently for clans we know are active.

20. Something on the map is out of date, who do I contact?

Any of the moderators of the database can help you with your enquiry. There's a script that allows them easy updating of the map.

21. How can I add an 'RP-only' location to the map?

Just poke any of the moderators, they'll help you along.

Remember, though: If a lair ends up on your rp-only square at some point in the future, it will take precedence.

22. Hey, I removed that lair from the city, why do you still have its description? Take that down immediately.

First of all, please accept our sincere apologies. We aim to preserve lairs as RP-only locations for the sake of consistency with past RPs, but naturally if you as the lair's once-owner no longer with the description to hang around, we'll remove it as soon as possible. Please note that actual removal does require Dread's intervention, though, so it's best to contact her on the matter.

23. What is my eMail used for?

Primarily, it gives people a way of contacting you through the site. We hide the eMail address from spambots by not displaying it anywhere on the site except your account editing page - no one will ever know your actual eMail address, but they can send you mail to it via the eMail form on the site.

The secondary use of eMails is for password recovery. If you eMail me from that eMail address and ask for your row's password, while I can't supply the password to you (it's encrypted in the database), I can set you a new one. As such, the eMail address is a proof of identity.

24. Help, I forgot my password! How can I get it back?

If you haven't supplied an eMail address (see 'What is my eMail used for?'), you should hunt down one of the moderators' vampires on the city grid (obviously from the vampire who's row you're locked out of) and leave a message requesting the password to be reset. Supply a means of contact, preferably an eMail address. E.g. a good way to message a mod is to say "Please reset my bloodpoints DB password, contact:".

We'll send you a new password to the supplied address. Mind you, you can try your luck with IM programs ("Please reset my bloodpoints DB password, my Y!ID is: pinkgothicc"), but don't rely on the mod having your particular brand of IM client.

25. What about the other gift items? Why can't I note down that I have, say, a kitten?

With the addition of the items at The Cloister Of Secrets and Eternal Aubade Of Mystical Treasures to the game, the bloodpoints database got famously out of date with gift items. Frankly, twelve fields in the database may be easy to add (indeed, it would be a trivial change), but given that I doubt many people have (m)any of them, I'd rather keep that kind of clutter off the account page.

Frankly, I'm more inclined to remove the old gift items from the database. I've yet to reach an unbudgable decision regarding the whole situation, mind you - so if you have some thoughts on the matter, feel free to pester me with it. I'd appreciate some input.

26. Some parts of this site look broken.

Ensure you have JavaScript enabled. Unlike the old bloodpoints database, this version makes some fairly heavy use of DHTML.

If the problem persists, contact Dread.

27. How long do I stay logged in? Didn't it used to be permanent?

You stay logged in about half an hour, but the timer refreshes each time you click on something. And, yes, it used to be (nearly) permanent. The permanent login solution worked because the site was slightly more lenient with security than the current model. For this version, I simply decided to focus on security; I'm sure you can see the merit in that decision. ;)

28. There used to be a guide for powers here, what happened to it?

It's over here.

29. How can I be staff here? I'd love to help.

Contact Dread with why you'd like to be a member of staff. Don't be upset if we don't take you - many of the staff members are people Dread can vouch for personally because of extensive past interaction with the person, so if you're entirely unknown to her, she might not feel all that comfortable giving you a staff position here. It's really not meant to be personal.

30. How do I contact Dread?

Check the bottom of each page for contact details.