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Peacekeeper Mission

(This document exists mostly for flavour.)

Proud of their cause, stationary, and otherwise rather boring fellows with big glasses and nerdy 'Save the planet!' eco T-Shirts, these hippies can give you a power that makes the Immolators Guilds hate their guts, because, guess what, they stole the Turning-resistance idea, and they even top it! Thankfully, they're annoying bastards who insist on charity, and so most people are massively discouraged of interacting with them because their thieving profits would be halved. And you can't cheat the system. These bastards are everywhere... and since you can't hit them with anything, you're powerless but to toss them their coinage. Fucktards. Worse than taxes any day...


.pansy. 'nuff said.

Terrible misnomer, but slightly more popular with the populace.

Money you leave...

Providing you're talked into buying the power by their endlessly essayed propaganda talks (they can go on for hours, so I hope you'll never bump into them in a pub and get invited for a drink!), you leave 30 000 coins to them and 1 500 bloodpoints. Infinitely many times if you decide "WTF is this bullshit?" only to let yourself get talked into it again... assuming for a moment you don't go for the "infinite", then this Guild is harmless. Theoretically, though, we should toss it up on place one of the money grubbers...

The Mission Centrals

As .pansy as they are, the Peacekeepers aren't cowardly enough to hide or move. They take pride in their cause, and label their static guilds openly in the city, with big, pink, neon signs screaming their names...

Peacekeepers Mission 1: Emerald and 67th
Peacekeepers Mission 2: Unicorn and 33rd
Peacekeepers Mission 3: Emerald and 33rd