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Quest implemented: Jan 24 2006

Something of a misnomer, the BattleCloak is like a toned down version of Neutrality - even down to the point of being available at the same Guild, namely the Peacekeepers Missions. A BattleCloaked vampire can only attack other BattleCloaked vampires and is immune to weapons from a non-BattleCloaked vampire, in effect splitting the city's vendettas into those held on the BattleCloaked side and those not.

So what's the difference? A vampire wearing the BattleCloak is forced into a state of extended rest once brought below 10 BP by means of warfare. During this state of Torpor, the vampire can't attack other vampires or be attacked at all, regardless of whether they share the BattleCloaking or not. This Torpor ends once a vampire's blood comes to exceed 250.

Like Neutrality, the BattleCloak can be removed, though only once.

Also like Neutrality, a BattleCloaked vampire can be displaced by a non-BattleCloaked vampire.?

If you have the BattleCloak, you have a blue colour on the city grid, making your power apparent to everyone regardless of Second-Sight. If you have Neutrality on top of that, the pink colour of Neutrality overrides the blue. Confusingly, you're also pink if you are in Torpor (regardless of Neutrality).

The difference to resting

While initially suggested as a means to separate resters from non-resters, there are several fundamental differences between BattleCloak-enforced Torpor and resting Torpor:

1. Resters take a timespan (usually a week) time-out from battling.
2. Some resters restrict themselves from biting vampires during their Torpor
3. By far not all resters loathe non-resters so much on principle that they refuse interaction with them; in effect, the BattleCloak has separated not resters from non-resters, but resters from resters based on their interaction philosophy

Because of these reasons, the BattleCloak is rarely used for its intended purpose. Many vampires who wear it do so for the same reasons others wear Neutrality: To run from battle. Accordingly, the stigma associated with Neutrality has come to tarnish the BattleCloak, too.


It's fairly cheap to get a BattleCloak - the whammo is in trying to remove it again. 2 000 coins will get you the pretty blue colour, but it takes 50 000 coins and 250 blood to get it back off.


Price: 2 000 coins
- total protection from people without BattleCloaks
- forced Torpor when zeroed (<10 BP)
- social stigma