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Quest implemented: 25 October 2004

Charisma is a power that allows you to buy drinks and items for cheaper than you would normally get them - aswell as using up less actionpoints per information request from a human per level. All in all, it's extremely useful - but the quest is accordingly hard. Bought at Allurists Guilds.

AP usage in humans

Charisma(1): 4 AP
Charisma(2): 3 AP
Charisma(3): 1 AP

Discounts in shops

Charisma(1): 3%
Charisma(2): 7%
Charisma(3): 10%

This applies to discount shops, too.

Discounts in pubs

Charisma(1): 10%
Charisma(2): 20%
Charisma(3): 30%


Charisma(1): 1 000 coins
Charisma(2): 3 000 coins
Charisma(3): 5 000 coins

The quest involves getting prestigeous vampires (read as: Vampires with a 'high' bloodpoint count) to visit a certain pub in a timespan of ten days, and mention that you sent them. In that time, you may not set foot into the pub yourself.

# vampires needed for quest

Charisma(1): 3 vamps with 500+ BP
Charisma(2): 6 vamps with 500+ BP
Charisma(3): 9 vamps with 500+ BP


Price: 1 000 + 3 000 + 5 000 coins: 9 000 coins.
- less AP needed to find shops from humans
- less coins needed to buy items
- less coins needed to buy drinks
- extremely hard quest