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Allurists Guild

(This document exists mostly for flavour.)

These vampires are all about appearances. Be it dress code and a charismatic, smooth tongue or by knowing to pay attention to details in their environment, they know how to get you further in life by teaching you these easily overlooked basic social skills.


Charisma is one of the most useful powers in the city for a warring vampire - it grabs the game by the economic aspect, which no power but Thievery thus far tried.

Vampires with Perception notice the subtle details of the world - a tinker of coins here, a concealed crossbow there. It's quite useful to have such finely tuned senses.

Money you leave...

The Allurists are a benign Guild who don't ask much by way's of coins from the grasshopper vampire. 9 000 coins for all levels of Charisma, 7 500 coins for Perception tally up to 16 500 coins for all they have to offer, making them the second-cheapest after the Immolators.