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Quest implemented: 02 April 2005

Perception allows you to spot vampire hunters from afar, marking the green as you may be used to seeing a tired hunter look - be careful and aware of this difference in the case of Perception! Whereas before a tired-out vampire hunter was simply 'a green human', a tired out vampire hunter is now a green human solely when in your own square.

Additionally, if you have Thievery, vampires who have a significant amount of coins (>500?) on them will have the (rob) option coloured yellow when you enter the square they are in.


The price for Perception is 7 500 coins.


To gain Perception, you have to pay the price at the Allurists Guild, then you get ten days to find and kill a vampire hunter.


price: 7 500 coins
- less wasted APs when thieving
- better means of discovering hunters
- quest depends largely on luck