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Quest implemented: 01 May 2003

Suction doubles the amount of BP you get from vampires and increases the amount you gain from humans by one pint each type of human. With Suction, the amount you suck on a day is greatly increased, and you can spend more AP on thieving even if you are the type to want a high blood count. To keep growing, it will now perfectly suffice for you to bite your last 10AP away a day just after depositing money: If done immediately in the bank and around it, you may well get 16 or 18 BP with that.

Blood Increases

Vampire: 1 pint + 1 pint: 2 pints (200%)
Low BP human: 1 pint + 1 pint: 2 pints (200%)
Medium BP human: 2 pints + 1 pint: 3 pints (150%)
High BP human: 3 pint + 1 pint: 4 pints (133%)


You'll need to fork over 7 500 coins for Suction if you want to get it.

If you give that amount to the Immolators Guild they'll be satisfied enough to send you out on your quest: To bite from twenty vampires who are 'more powerful than you' - that have more bloodpoints than you.

Consequently, this power is good to get when you have just gotten Stamina, then it can be over in one set of AP usage. This is hardly neccessary, though, as you are given three days for each vampire, totalling to 60 days time for the entire quest should you choose to stretch it - hopefully enough to perform Locate on high BP vampires if you need to.

Whatever you do, don't despair. The amount of 10 000+ BP vampires by 2004 alone was enough to feed at least six Suction seeking vampires without that they need to overlap their victims. Still, if you can, go for Stamina before you go for Suction.


Price: 7 500 coins
- 33%-100% increase of the blood seized from bitten vampires/humans lets you get over the 50 and 200 BP hurdles easier
- blood aquisition can become a secondary objective even for bloodlovers
- quest is a pain in the rear end if you have a high BP count