Beryl 40 Omnibank
Beryl and 40th
The Thorn's Pride
Despair and 38th
Melpomene Station
Zelkova and 50th
18 AP SW
RemipunX's Sacred Yew
Cobalt and 42nd
2 AP S


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    BaShalor's Rose Garden
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    Cobalt and 42nd
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    Description taken from RCPedia.

    To the north of the Sacred Yew there is a dark green metal fence. It can be entered through a tunnel-like walkway. The metalwork is covered with fragrant climbing roses, in the height of bloom year round.

    A canopy of new dawn, kiss of desire, and zephirine drouhin roses cover the green ironwork, surrounding the path in different soft shades of pink. Emerging from the covered walk there are five paths, leading to the different parts of the garden.

    To the right is the rose garden proper. The path narrows, leading through dozens of varieties of heirloom and English roses.

    Back on the main path, to the back right of the garden is a fully functional organic garden, each row with small pressed metal signs showing what each row is. Separating the organized rows and the next section is small trickling stream. The stream can be crossed via a small oriental style bridge, leading into the heart of the garden. A circle of shrubs surround a grassy clearing, perfect for picnics or laying in the moonlight.

    Each blooming bush surrounding the area is a different type of tea. The next area is very plain compared to the rest, but there are the little metal signs, explaining that the simple green plants are potatoes, beets, and other tuber plants. Finally there is the blooming flower garden. Tucked beside the covered walkway, there are well tended pots of orchids scattered through lilies and daffodils.