@ Ace's House of Dumont at Cedar and 99th
@ Alatáriël Maenor at Diamond and 50th
@ Alpha Dragon's and Lyric's House of Dragon and Flame at Amethyst and 90th
@ AmadisdeGaula's Stellaburgi at Wulfenite and 38th
@ Andre's Crypt at Ferret and 10th
@ Annabelle's Paradise at Emerald and 85th
@ Anthony's Gero Claw at Vulture and 39th
@ Aphaythean Vineyards at Willow and 13th
@ Archangel's Castle at Beech and 4th
@ Avant's Garden at Amethyst and 68th
@ bitercat's mews at Lion and 42nd
@ black_dragonet's mansion at Oppression and 80th
@ Blutengel's Temple of Blood at Fear and 13th
@ Cair Paravel at Lion and 27th
@ Capadocian Castle at Larch and 49th
@ Castle of Shadows at Turquoise and 86th
@ Castle RavenesQue at Raven and NCL
@ ChaosRaven's Dimensional Tower at Killjoy and 23rd
@ CHASS's forever-blues hall at Torment and 75th
@ CrimsonClover's Hideaway at Diamond and 85th
@ CrowsSong's Blackbird Towers at Wulfenite and 3rd
@ D'dary Manor at Aardvark and 1st
@ Daphne's Dungeons at Malachite and 64th
@ DarkestDesire's Chambers at Despair and 56th
@ deaths embrace's House of R'lyeh at Holly and 81st
@ Devil Miyu's Abeir-Toril at Fear and 2nd
@ Devil Miyu's Edge of Reason at Fear and NCL
@ Devil Miyu's Lair at Fear and 1st
@ ElishaDraken's Sanguine Ankh at Nightingale and 59th
@ espy's Jaded Sorrows at Jaded and 69th
@ Freedom Trade Alliance at Amethyst and 46th
@ Gypsychild's Caravan at Torment and 69th
@ Hesu's Place at Raven and 24th
@ Hexenkessel at Jackal and 83rd
@ Jacomo Varis' Shadow Manor at Raven and 96th
@ jaxi's and Speedy's Cave at Raven and 23rd
@ King Lestat's Le Paradis Caché at Cobalt and 90th
@ La Cucina at Diamond and 28th
@ Lady Ophy's and WhiteLighter's Abode at Malaise and 94th
@ LadyFae's and nitenurse's Solas Gealaí Caisleán at Raven and 76th
@ Lass' Lair at Vervain and 1st
@ Lord Galamushi's Enchanted Mansion at Anguish and 52nd
@ Majica's Playground at Willow and 50th
@ Marlena's Wishing Well at Fear and 56th
@ Master Dracula's and Juliana's Abode at Gloom and 76th
@ Moirai's Gate to the Church of Blood at Horror and 13th
@ Moonlight Gardens at Turquoise and 87th
@ Ms Delgado's Manor at Sorrow and 69th
@ MyMotherInLaw's Home for Wayward Ghouls at Amethyst and 69th
@ NightWatch Headquarters at Larch and 51st
@ obsidian's Arboretum at Obsidian and 88th
@ obsidian's Castle of Warwick at Obsidian and NCL
@ obsidian's Château de la Lumière at Obsidian and 66th
@ obsidian's château noir at Obsidian and 99th
@ obsidian's Hall of Shifting Realms at Obsidian and 15th
@ obsidian's Penthouse at Obsidian and 29th
@ obsidian's Silver Towers at Obsidian and 51st
@ obsidian's Tranquility at Obsidian and 80th
@ obsidians, Phoenixxe's and Em's Heaven's Gate at Obsidian and 45th
@ Occamrazor's House of Ears at Yew and 30th
@ Ordo Dracul Sanctum at Nightingale and 77th
@ Palazzo Lucius at Zebra and 27th
@ Pandrora and CBK's Chamber of Horrors at Torment and 95th
@ RemipunX's Sacred Yew at Cobalt and 42nd
@ renovate's grove at Umbrella and 71st
@ Saki's Fondest Wish at Nightingale and 17th
@ Samantha Dawn's Salacious Sojourn at Anguish and 53rd
@ Sartori's Domicile at Elm and 1st
@ SCORPIOUS1's Tower of Truth at Yearning and 58th
@ setitevampyr's Temple at Raven and 50th
@ Shaarinya's Sanguine Sanctuary at Raven and 77th
@ Shadow bat's Sanctorium at Cobalt and 76th
@ SIE Compound at Raven and 13th
@ starreagle's Paradise Lair at Beryl and 24th
@ Steele Industries at Umbrella and 44th
@ stormy jayne's web at Nickel and 99th
@ Talon Castle at Willow and 35th
@ tejas_dragon's Lair at Zelkova and 69th
@ The Calignite at Eagle and 16th
@ The COVE at Knotweed and 51st
@ The Dragons Lair Club at Vervain and 39th
@ The Eternal Spiral at Anguish and 69th
@ The goatsucker's lair at Yak and 13th
@ The Halls of Heorot at Jaded and 75th
@ The Inner Circle Manor at Diamond and 26th
@ The Ivory Tower at Zelkova and 76th
@ The Ixora Estate at Lead and 48th
@ The Lokason Myrkrasetur at Wulfenite and 40th
@ The Path of Enlightenment Castle at Willow and 80th
@ The RavenBlack Bite at Oppression and 40th
@ The Reynolds' Estate at Beryl and 23rd
@ The River Passage at Yew and 33rd
@ The Sakura Garden at Nickel and 77th
@ The Sanctum of Vermathrax-rex and Bellina at Vexation and 99th
@ The Scythe's Negotiation Offices at Vauxite and 88th
@ The Sepulchre of Shadows at Ennui and 1st
@ The Towers of the Crossed Swords at Torment and 66th
@ Wilde Sanctuary at Willow and 51st
@ Wilde Wolfe Estate at Vervain and 50th
@ Willhelm's Warrior House at Horror and 53rd
@ Willow Woods' & The Ent Moot at Willow and 54th
@ Wolfe Mansion at Yearning and 20th
@ Wolfe Mansion at Willow and 20th
@ Wolfshadow's and Crazy's RBC Casino at Lead and 72nd
@ Wyndcryer's TygerNight's and Bambi's Lair at Unicorn and 77th
@ X at Emerald and NCL