Kraken 48 Omnibank
Kraken and 48th
The Palm & Parson Public Tavern
Jackal and 53rd
10 AP SW
Eutepre Station
Mongoose and 50th
NightWatch Headquarters
Larch and 51st
0 AP


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    Mongoose and 51st
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    NightWatch Headquarters
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    Mongoose and 52nd
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    Description taken from RCPedia.

    This is a modest brick building. While it appears old from the outside, it's clear that this place is still very much in use. Inside, a secretary is sitting at a desk, busily shuffling through papers. Behind her are two large doors with thick glass windows. There is a dimly lit hall of barred cells visible through the doors. A placard declares this to be the Home of the NightWatch.

    On the wall to the left, a large sign reads:

    Welcome to the NightWatch! We serve the innocent. We protect the clanless. We protect those who assist the community, and stringently avenge desecration of the Graveyard! Those who use weapons without cause may fear us. No longer have the citizens of our city need to tolerate such action, for we are the NightWatch! We stand ever vigilant, and strive for justice!

    Please fill out a report or speak to the constable on duty if you have an issue. If you have been called in, please proceed to your designated interrogation room.

    On the oppposite wall, another sign reads:

    The Graveyard to the North is a permanant memorial to vampires whose human players have passed away. Do not attack there, for this is an area of peace and respect.

    A small table sits below this sign. It holds a candle which flickers beside a worn book that says:

    Those Remembered Within

    Before a lair settled here, this was an RP-only location by Cerridwen called Cerridwen's Oak. The description was as follows:

    My Oak tree which has been my home for a long time is located at Larch & 51st. Just outside of the Graveyard. However the Oak itself is really in it. Its an old ancient tree that is enchanted. Here is a brief description of it...

    Its a small dwelling meant for one. A small table off to the left, a running well in the center for fresh water. A cabinet with various jars and tinkers lined up off to the right. Straight ahead was a fire place fresh wood piled nicely to its right. A brass tub and screen to the left. A large pile of various animal furs with pillows in abundance laid waiting in front of the fire place.

    (description © Cerridwen)