Vauxite 91 Omnibank
Vauxite and 91st
The Freudian Slip
Sorrow and 91st
Urania Station
Malachite and 75th
28 AP NW
Moonlight Gardens
Turquoise and 87th
0 AP


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    Moonlight Gardens
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    A high wall, stretching out seemingly endless, only interrupted by one single gate, and with a small sign mounted to the wall informing:

    Moonlight Gardens, property of the Castle of Shadows. Opening hours - Every evening right after when the sun has set, closing just before the sun rises again. Visitors welcome.

    After passing through the gate a wide park opens itself to the eye. Short trimmed grass, trees and bushes dotted about, various statues of the God Amore standing guard. There are benches, inviting the visitor to rest amongst the tranquillity, and fountains, their rims covered in countless water droplets, shimmering like pearls. The air feels warmer here, as if some secret magic has been woven into the very fabric of this place, and found in the centre of the park - a marble pavilion, so white, even the slightest bit of moonlight makes it glow...
    A silver plaque reads:
    The Pavilion of Love, a gift from Dreamcatcher to Anjana.
    Open to all lovers.
    Please sign the book of romance.