Steel 64 Omnibank
Steel and 64th
The Crossed Swords Tavern
Sorrow and 70th
Urania Station
Malachite and 75th
30 AP SW
The Towers of the Crossed Swords
Torment and 66th
0 AP


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    The Towers of the Crossed Swords
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    Description taken from RCPedia.

    At the top of a steep incline, with views over great swathes of the city, stands the foreboding walled fortress of The Crossed Swords.

    The entrance to the grounds stands sealed with huge ornate wrought iron gates, displaying The Dawn coat of arms, symbolizing loyalty, honour and bravery.

    Along side of the gates is a weathered sign that reads:

    The Towers of The Crossed
    Torment and 66th
    Founded by Miranda Dawn

    Family and Friends Welcome
    Foes Be Warned
    The Dawns are not to be trifled with.

    Behind the gate, an ancient, worn cobbled path leads to a rickety wooden bridge, lit with flaming torches which light up the night sky.

    The doors to the stronghold itself, beyond the bridge, are a massive steel-riveted oaken construction, a sturdy portal to the grey stone building.

    The square structure itself is flanked by two very different large towers; on the left a tower with large leaded and stained glass windows, a balcony with a widow's walk, and a turreted top. On the right, a windowless tower with a pointed vaulted roof, home to thousands of bats, and the gargoyles that watch over the tower.

    The structure stands amongst colourful English flower and herb gardens. The scents mix and mingle in the air casting a perfumed aroma even beyond the walls. The sides of the grounds holds vineyards overflowing with grapes.

    An abbey ruin is located in the rear. Beyond the abbey are rugged private cliffs, and at the furthest end from the cliffs, a fast flowing waterfall flows from the black rock face, onto rocks into a turbulent pool below.

    Inside the keep is a great hall, the walls adorned with colourful tapestries and Templar swords. Above the ground level are many private chambers. Below houses crypts and catacombs.

    In the underground behind crossed iron doors is a wine cellar filled with vintage wines. Beyond leads to a secret passageway. At the end is three large rooms that holds a distillery for the making of top shelf spirits. A brew house for excellent ales and ciders and lastly a winery for fine wines. Some of the spirits made here by the hired help are for private consumption while others are for the nearby tavern.