Ire 97 Omnibank
Ire and 97th
The Blinking Pixie
Ivory and 99th
2 AP E
Thalia Station
Zelkova and 75th
48 AP NW
Lady Ophy's and WhiteLighter's Abode
Malaise and 94th
20 AP NE


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    Halls of the Shadow Court
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    Used to be a lair.

    The Halls of the Shadow Court are protected by towering stone walls, where you may see the guardsmen walking the parapets. Two armed guardsmen stand at attention outside the gates in the front of the property. If you get close enough to see beyond those gates, you may catch glimpses of the Hallowed Halls of the Shadow Court.

    Majestic and foreboding in its design, the Halls have a medieval architecture, an L-shaped fortress made entirely of stone. At the crook of the 'L' is the main entrance to the Halls, steps that lead up to where all the Houses within the Shadow Court come to congregate.

    Outside the gates, a sign is erected, writ in stone.

    In the darkest places we dwell, the places you know are there, but fear to tread.

    Our numbers are legion. Our names are the legends upon which the city's history is told and upon which the city's future is writ.

    Few dare to think or dream large enough to be among our number. Those who are lucky enough to achieve membership, in this place that makes all things possible, are raised above the shoulders of lesser immortals.

    The Shadow Court's name is emblazoned in blood across the cityscape.

    Our rage has no equal
    Our vengeance is eternal
    Where lesser beings find fear, we find contentment.
    Hell and her rivers hold no sway over the one who rules already.
    The city is our domain
    Fear is our coin

    In small print at the bottom of the sign, it reads 'Beware of Wolves'.

    A number of application forms to join are in a box beneath the sign, their covers printed with "Do you have what it takes?"