Yearning 93 Omnibank
Yearning and 93rd
10 AP N
The Drunk Cup
Zinc and 94th
Urania Station
Malachite and 75th
46 AP NW
The Sanctum of Vermathrax-rex and Bellina
Vexation and 99th


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    Yearning and 98th
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    Zinc and 98th
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    AdaMaS' and Nemesis' Mahorela Manor
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    Yearning and 99th
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    Zinc and 99th
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    Description taken from RCPedia. Used to be a lair.

    Through the large double iron gates marked with the letter 'M', acres of perfectly sculpted lawns, carefully hedged shrubbaries, and exquisite gardens make up the landscape ornamented by a large white marble fountain in the center. A cobblestone walkway creates the trail leading around the gardens and fountain and finally towards the manor itself.

    Standing behind a seldom tall tree placed here and there for maximum privacy is Mahorela Manor. The massive, white, three-story home is decorated by column pillars holding up the roofings of the wrap-around decks and multiple balconies. A beautiful home, if the gates would let you in.