Kraken 13 Omnibank
Kraken and 13th
Archer's Tavern
Knotweed and 11th
Calliope Station
Mongoose and 25th
22 AP SE
Saki's Fondest Wish
Nightingale and 17th
14 AP SE


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    Iubar Vitrum Caligo

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    City Connection is a Map Shop located at (as you can see) Iuvica 5. It sells various maps of various sizes, most very cheap... extensive full city maps, condensed full city maps, and maps specifically meant for regions, districts, and quadrants of Ravenblack City, such as the Salaxian Tourist Map, complete with all attractions listed.

    There is a map hanging within view behind the counter that shows the districts of the city highlighted, with an extensive legend. The colours are faded, however, and upon asking, you are informed by the shop owner that the map is being renovated by him, and any help is appreciated.

    A curious vampire or human can easily make out the Raven Gardens District, however, which lies half in Salaxian territory, and half to the west of it, including such marvels as Cemetary Hill. This posh area of Ravenblack City is full of green parks and well taken care of old buildings, paticularily further northwest.

    The northwest boundry of Raven Gardens, it should be noted, though, is relatively harsh. The quality drop down of housing is severe. The District starting at Dogwood is known as "Cormorant's Perch" and reaches up to the Northern City Limits and Western City Limits, where the first Thieves Guild often has its hangout.

    At request, the shop owner will hand you an incomplete, but cleaner city map of the districts to look at. He will point out the golden coloured District is Raven Gardens - where you are now - the blue coloured district is the Charon and Cerberus District, and the darkred denotes Cormorant's Perch.

    (description © Owleyes(?))