Kraken 7 Omnibank
Kraken and 7th
Archer's Tavern
Knotweed and 11th
2 AP S
Calliope Station
Mongoose and 25th
30 AP SE
Saki's Fondest Wish
Nightingale and 17th
14 AP SE


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    Knotweed and 10th
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    Lion and 10th
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    The Hidden Chambers
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    Knotweed and 11th
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    Lion and 11th
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    Residents: Lucifa, all Salaxacians are welcomed

    The Hidden Chambers are actually only two little rooms in the top floor of the old stone building. The building itself was built almost a hundred years ago and has been renovated so many times that certain original features have been forgotten. One of these features is a little secret trapdoor in one of the abadoned apartments in the top floor. This trap door leads to two little rooms in the basement situated at the corner of the building, just under the sloped roof. These rooms serve as the haven and occational hideout of vampire Lucifa.

    The rooms are also rather affectionately called 'The Impact Crater' as they are constantly filled with all sorts of gathered antique which Lucifa rarely has time to sort out. The fact that she usually spends time in the rooms right before or right after a drunken night of revelry in Archer's or the adjacent streets does not really help the matter either...

    Notice of Importance: Stealing coins while in the Hidden Chambers is frowned upon and can lead to a collection of Blood Tax (a few pints of blood) from the thief. Also non-Salaxacian vistors may be Taxed at the whim of Lucifa or any present Salaxacians. Consider yourselves warned.

    (description © Lucifa)