Kraken 13 Omnibank
Kraken and 13th
Archer's Tavern
Knotweed and 11th
2 AP W
Calliope Station
Mongoose and 25th
28 AP SE
Saki's Fondest Wish
Nightingale and 17th
12 AP SE


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    Nox Noctis (By Night) is the name of the house just east of Archer's Tavern. It was labelled this way by Neike, who has lived in it for quite a while. Along with her, Lady Kayura and starseed share this appartment.

    Neike lives on the third floor of a total of five. She shares it with various equipment and her human boyfriend, Frederick. They own a set of computers (2 PCs and one laptop, to be precise) with Internet access. Free internet access. Frederick apparently uses an account of another person, whether legally or illegally is unimportant and was never asked.
    The door leading from the apartment to the stairs is white, as is the entirety of the appartment. When entering the abode, one is in the living room, with a wall to one's left blocking off the rest of the appartment. In this living room, to the right of the entering person, is a glass table, polished and sparkling, just below the height of the window sill - the place's only window is here, a window that can be tilted or opened completely. A vial of Holy Water sits on top left corner of the table, and a CD player is on the right side of it, along with (usually) about two CDs on top or beside it.
    To the right of the table is a modern book cupboard type of construction, a wavey shape Frederick insisted on moving here, hung on the wall, littered with - well - books and some CDs. To the left of the table is a couch, which just fits the wall. It's a silky black colour, with one black and one magenta pink pillow resting on it. At times, one can see a black cat with bluesilver eyes snuggled into the corner of the couch not clogged with the pillows. Before the table is a metal & rubber chair, a strange, modern, yet [literally!] bouncy design.
    There should be a door leading to the rest of the appartment, but instead, there is a cutout in the wall, leading into the shade. Beyond is the bedroom & a small bathroom [both which I am too lazy to describe].

    (description © pinkgothic)