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Quest implemented: ?? January 2003

Shadows should really be labelled in four levels, the first being Shadows(0). The reason for this is that all Ravenblack City vampires are born with this power, albeit rudimentary.

Shadows makes your vampire name vanish from the city and otherwise makes you immune to attacks, Thievery and bitings. You will still be there, just 'Lost in Shadow'. You can be found by Locate (though this information will not be of much help to the locater), some of the immunities can be bypassed by raw URL strings and very importantly: You can still be ('blind') scrolled.

Normally, you enter this state after four days of inactivity. With each level of Shadows, this waiting time is reduced by one day.

Shadows is obtained at the Thieves Guild.


Shadows(1): 1 000
Shadows(2): 2 000
Shadows(3): 4 000

This is another power without quests involved.

It should be noted that it is relatively easy to spot whether or not there are shadowed vampires in a square. The blood.pl script adds a linebreak (<br>) behind every vampire name whether displayed or not. So if you see a line free between two vampire names, another vampire is between them, 'hiding'. Of course, this eyes-only recognition works only if there are no vampires below the last visible one, which one can never be sure of, though the size of the square can sometimes be an indicator.

To find out for sure how many vampires are in a square, you can scroll it. It will tell you how many vampires (by their names) were moved and how many resisted - counting them together gives you the total amount.

Rumours have it that scrolling a shadowed vampire sometimes brings them out of Shadows? I have yet to see this happening. If it happens to you, please report it in Radiance, together with a before and after screenshot of the location (so I can see which vampires have newly appeared, if any).

Getting in and out of Shadows

RavenBlack wrote:
[Re: People struggling to get out of Shadows]

It is possible for vampires with full stamina and full shadows and several action points bonus from blood levels.
A vampire with full shadows who has spent all their action points will fall into shadows after one day. A vampire with full shadows who has spent only one action point will fall into shadows after a couple of hours. A vampire with full shadows and 5 bonus action points will still be in shadows after spending one or two action points, but will come out if they spend more.

In short, a 100BP+ vampire will need to move until they are down at 50 AP to detatch from Shadows.

Garlic Spray

Shadows(3) comes with the additional benefit of allowing the wielder to use two Garlic Sprays simultaneously in an attack, doubling the weapon's effective power.


Price: 1 000, 2 000 and 4 000 coins: 7 000 coins.
- faster defences
- using Shadows as defence is regarded as "chickening out" and can be highly reputation damaging - if you care for such a thing.