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Quest implemented: 24 March 2003

The most expensive power in the game, and just as worth it. Surprise allows you to enter full squares, providing they are not too full. A square is full when there are 8 (shadowed or visible) vampires in it. It becomes un-Surprisable at 12 (shadowed or visible) vampires in it. Note that you can still enter un-Surprisable junctions, though, if you use a Scroll of Teleportation to get into it. All other squares can then only be gotten into by spawning new vampires who happen to be randomised into exactly that square.


Surprise costs a flat 20 000 coins at the Empaths Guild, without that you need to do a quest or move another finger for it. But 20k is a lot of coins, and even though you should by rights get this power before you go for Thievery(1), it'll likely be the one you get last of all you ever head for, just because it's hard to resist the urge to buy powers you can afford with less dosh rather than waiting to get the 20 000.

Personally, I'd suggest donating for Surprise - toss $10 in Raven's direction and request Surprise and Celerity(1) (see Celerity page for explanation), get Second-Sight to boot and rid of the 120 page view limit. As far as I'm concerned, this is the ideal donating sum and the ideal set of powers. People may try to argue it - but in my opinion, Surprise is just that priceless.


Price: 20 000 coins.
- 8 to 12 vampire blue squares are no longer an obstacle: You have unlocked Cormorant's Perch as an effective hunting ground to reap of it's treasures!
- the amount of coins speaks for itself