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Quest implemented: 27 May 2003

When Celerity was implemented into the game as the last power that had been availible since the beginnings of the city to become affiliated with a Guild, just about everyone went and ran for it. And really, there is nothing wrong with this power. Everyone can use it. Well, almost...

This power is great in combination with Stamina. Where Stamina pulls your AP gauge into length, Celerity learns to fill it, allowing you to move your vampire more each day. Each level of Celerity decreases the time you need to wait for a single action point by five minutes. When you reach Celerity(3), you are given double as many AP in the same time span as before you had Celerity at all.

The power is available at the Travellers Guild.

Time for 1 AP

no Celerity: 30 minutes (100% AP)
Celerity(1): 25 minutes (120% AP)
Celerity(2): 20 minutes (150% AP)
Celerity(3): 15 minutes (200% AP)


Celerity(1): 4 000 coins
Celerity(2): 8 000 coins
Celerity(3): 17 500 coins

As wonderous as this power is, the quest is an utter pain in the rear end, and it adds to the expenses you need to make. You are told that the quest is that you need to run to pubs all across the city, where you're to drink a beverage of your choice. The word 'run' is emphasised, and you are given 3 days for each pub. What does this mean?

Under no circumstances use the transit system (you can, however, use Sprint Potions, Scrolls of Teleportation, Scrolls of Succour and even Scrolls of Displacement if you don't mind the element of surprise - and I suggest you use some of those). If you use transits, your quest will fail, and large amounts of coins will have been wasted, paticularily if you make this mistake for Celerity(3), the second most expensive power in the city.

Some old guides might still tell you to buy blood at the pub once you reach it, because of the way the quest text was worded, and due to initial restrictions. When you reach a pub (careful, they may be blocked) you can buy beer to trigger the quest objective. In fact, every drink in the dropdown list can be used for your quest. This was added at a later date by Raven, unannounced, probably due to people having been too stingy about their coins and accidentally bought another drink, rendering them too poor to buy the needed blood. It was first expanded to bloodwine, then later included all drinks. As such, several guides out there only included the bloodwine notice (at least as late as into 2005).

Amount of Pub checkpoints

Celerity(1): 3
Celerity(2): 6
Celerity(3): 12

I'd suggest donating for Celerity(1). Even though Raven added a script to stop the quest from occasionally being unfulfillable (a vampire without Celerity does not get enough AP in three days to cross the city!), it is still one of the hardest quests to complete without item aid.


Price: 4 000 + 3, 8 000 + 6 and 17500 + 12 coins: 29 521 coins.
- more AP in less time
- absolutely terrible quest, hands down
- Celerity(3) is insanely expensive
- completely useless for people who rarely move their vampires