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Quest implemented: 21 February 2003

Stamina is a great power, paticularily when coupled with Celerity, though this symbiosis is not the only thing giving this power its high appeal. Instead, Stamina, like the name may suggest, includes resistance. The higher your level of Stamina, the higher your chance to resist a Scroll of Turning - though never to hundred percent. To that, for each level of Stamina, you get ten more maximum AP.

Scrolls of Turning resistance

Stamina(1): 25%
Stamina(2): 50%
Stamina(3): 75%

Basically, trying to harm a vampire with the third level of Stamina using Scrolls of Turning is four times more expensive than one without any Stamina at all. It's twice as expensive for a vampire with Stamina(2) and one and a third as expensive for a vampire with Stamina(1). The benefits of Stamina(3) in this are obvious.

Maximum AP at 0 BP

no Stamina: 35
Stamina(1): 45
Stamina(2): 55
Stamina(3): 65

Given 65 minimum maxAP, Stamina(3) truly is priceless for a vampire often in fights. At 6400 BP+, your maximum AP are at a massive 86 as opposed to the 56 you would have without Stamina. Some maths:

0BP benefit: 186% capacity
6 400BP benefit: 154% capacity
102 400 benefit: 150% capacity

Now, if that isn't a massive benefit, I don't know what it is. The amount of vampires beyond the 204 800 threshold, at which the benefit drops beneath 150%, is still fairly negligible. Back in February 2004, when I wrote this guide, there were only four vampires in the game at this point in time who had between 102 400 and 204 800 bloodpoints: Mooncalf, RavenBlack, Archangel and Xeneri. And yet, Stamina is still ridiculously useful at those blood levels - picture that for a moment.


Stamina(1): 1 000 coins
Stamina(2): 2 500 coins
Stamina(3): 5 000 coins

To acquire Stamina, you pay the Immolators Guilds to be told where they expect you to show up. Narayan and Mercurian Steele, however, are evil gekkonid-like bastards who want to reap you of your blood. Yes, your blood. If you go to the intersection they told you to and utter the word they told you to, you will be pounced upon mercilessly and tortured in excess till you bleed... - well, there is a reason the gekkonids sought to ally with them back in 2004!


Stamina(1): -500 BP
Stamina(2): -1 000 BP
Stamina(3): -1 500 BP

Very important: If you are told to go to a location, it is the intersection you are to go to, not the building at the intersection. Say you need to go to Umbrella and 44th, then you need to stop in the square with the green streetsign reading 'Umbrella and 44th'. We assume this is so neither Narayan nor Mercurian ever need to clean up business locations.


If you let yourself get HolyWatered or Scrolled before you go on a Stamina quest, then go to a Necromancer about being scrolled/HWed, you can not only buy back the damage made, but you can also buy back the blood lost due to Stamina! (Up to 100 BP less than your previous total, as is Necromancer rule Even up to full) Naturally, this is quite pricey, so I don't suggest it to people, but it's good to know of the possibility.


Price: 1 000 coins + 500 BP, 2 500 coins + 1 000 BP and 5 000 coins + 1 500 BP: 8 500 coins and 3 000 BP.
- more AP potential
- resistance to scrolls
- can 'negate' quest via necromancers
- high blood loss, may take a long time to aquire the bp needed for the quests