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Quest implemented: 16 February 2004

Telepathy is a mostly useless power, practically seen, but it does no harm to the city, and it increases House possibilities (a House is a bloodline), possibly into extending clan memberships. Telepathy allows you to send a telepathic message to vampires anywhere in the city (as long as you know their name) - you get an AP discount if it goes to one of your childer.

An interesting aspect of the third level is 'Shouting'. For 1.5AP, you can reach everyone in the square you're in as well as those immediately surrounding it (all nine squares). That's about a sixth AP per square - cheaper than normal speaking (half an AP), even without factoring in the APs to move from square to square.

AP usage

Telepathy(1): 10 AP for strangers, 5 AP for childer
Telepathy(2): 6 AP for strangers, 3 AP for childer
Telepathy(3): 2 AP for strangers, 1 AP for childer

Talking to childer with level three of Telepathy is still more costly than the half action point it would take to communicate with the entire square they are in, but it means that if you have something to relay to them, you do not need to get Locate (note prices!) to find them, and the time investment is zilch.


Telepathy(1): 2 500 coins
Telepathy(2): 5 000 coins
Telepathy(3): 10 000 coins

There is no quest involved, but you lose more than one action point upon purchase. Careful: This means the Travellers Guild may easily be crowded with vampires who miscalculated due to not being informed in this matter (you can have negative action points!), which also makes Celerity harder to get (as if it wasn't hard enough already!). Scrolls of Turning are in order.

Action Point loss

Telepathy(1): -10 AP
Telepathy(2): -10 AP
Telepathy(3): -10 AP

The text you get says that you go through hours of training and end up being tired - the exact IC counterpart of action point loss.


Price: 2 500 coins + 10 AP, 5 000 coins + 10 AP and 10 000 coins + 10 AP: 17 500 coins and 30 AP
- speak to your childer no matter where they are without locate for a laughable amount of action points
- speak to anyone you happen to know for a less laughable amount - but it really does make locate for messages redundant
- you'll likely get kicked out of the guild with a scroll of turning because you miscalculated your AP
- to that, you're unlikely to even get into the guild because of people just like you...