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Malaise and 50th
The Angel's Wing
Oppression and 45th
Polyhymnia Station
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obsidian's Silver Towers
Obsidian and 51st
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    Used to be a lair.

    A large imposing building stands before you. If you walk close enough, you will see a large sign with a halograph replica of the Council House.

    The sign reads:

    High Council of RavenBlack City. Est. 2003

    Owner of High Council - Lady obsidian
    High Councilor - Lady Ravven
    High Councilor - Lady WhatThe

    The House of the High Council is crafted in Ancient Grecian design, the front of the building is graced with giant white granite pillars. Exactly 99 wide white marble stairs lead you to the entrance, where fierce stone lions stand at attention in the foyer.

    Beyond closed doors, on the first floor, lies the great assembly room. This is where the select representatives of Halls of RavenBlack City gather to discuss the City's latest ideas.

    The second floor contains private alcoves for Representatives to transcribe ideas from the members of the City, create their own ideas to present to the Council or to clarify their points to other Council Members privately.

    The third and top floor is divided into offices. Here is where the owners and moderators of the Council meet and work. At any time, Lady obsidian could be feverishly writing the polls and ballots in her spacious office overlooking the City. Correspondence from the City of RavenBlack is answered and directed in the plush offices of Lady Ravven and Lady WhatThe.